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Voice in Progress: Developing the Adolescent Voice | Andersen

Series: Choral
Publisher: Hal Leonard
Format: Softcover Audio Online
Author: Dan Andersen

Emily Crocker writes: “Forty years ago, most vocal methods were aimed at high school students and up. Dan Andersens' materials and methods remedy this situation and offer an excellent curriculum for the young voice, giving you the opportunity to reap the benefits of his forty years of successfully working with adolescent singers”. There are 50 vocal warm up exercises and recorded piano accompaniments included with the purchase of the book.Chapters include 1) Building the Adolescent Voice--Why we Warm up; 2) Preparing the Adolescent Voice--How we warm up; 3) Knowing the Adolescent Voice--Girls Changing voice & boys changing voice and 4) Exercising the Adolescent Voice--Treble Choirs/Mixed Choirs/Tenor/Bass choirs.The warm-ups are focused to 1) Breathing; Beginning Phonation; 2) Resonance, Placement & Tone Quality; 3) Support, Diction Intonation, Flexibility, Dynamics and register transition. A helpful index directs you so you can combine the warm-ups most needed when you need them.

ISBN: 9781705159996
UPC: 196288056607
Width: 8.5"
Length: 11.0"
80 pages