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Easter Egg Rhythm Cutouts | Level 3

Level 3 - Easter Egg Rhythm Cutouts

  • Instructions are included on how to play this game
  • 40 different Easter Egg rhythm cut outs
  • 4/4 and 3/4 time are included
  • Level 3 rhythms include: Quarter notes, quarter rests, half notes, half rests, dotted half notes, whole notes, whole rests, eighth notes, basket, bunny & broken egg cut outs & ADDING dotted quarter notes & eighth rests. There is a " 3 " at the top of each egg so you can keep each level separate if you need to. (3.1 = 4/4 time, 3.2 = 3/4 time)
  • You will need to print these. I encourage you to laminate them so you can keep them from year to year, however, since you'll have the download, you can recycle them and reprint each year if you want.
  • Students can draw their cutouts from an Easter basket!