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Heads Up Game | Choir Edition


1. Divide group into two teams (unless you have multiple sets and then I would encourage you to make smaller teams)

2 One player will draw a card and hold it up to their forehead without looking at it. The other players will yell out clues for the first player that is holding the card. The other players cannot use the word on the card or any part of the word as part of their clues. The player holding the card will try to guess what music word is on their card until they either guess the correct answer or they decide to pass.

3. Set a timer for either 30 or 60 seconds. When the timer is up, each team will count the cards they guessed correctly and they'll receive 1 point for each correct card.

4. You can either assign a timer/score keeper or you, the teacher, can do that.

5. When the timer is up, player one switches with someone else on their team to have a new person who is guessing.


As the teacher, you can decide to filter what cards are put into the game because there are so many. I definitely recommend looking through and familiarizing yourself with what cards exist in this game.

The different genres are as follows: music symbols, music markings, solfege, note values, rest values, genres, styles, tempo and dynamic markings.


Depending on what grades you teach, you might not use/teach all of these vocabulary words. Take out what you don't need.

You may want to purchase 2-3 sets (a set for your beginners, a set for your intermediate and a set for your advanced group)


These cards come pre-cut and printed on premium card stock. For added life, I would encourage you to laminate them!