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Benedictus (from "Mass of St. John Vianney") | Marc-André Bougie

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Benedictus (from "Mass of St. John Vianney")
Marc-André Bougie

La Musique des Sources

Choral Score: JB023
Instrumental Parts (Violin & Cello): JB023A
Voices/Piano/Cello/Violin (Score Scrolling)

Voices/Full Orchestra

A note from the composer:

The conception for the Mass of St. John Vianney began in November 2021 when Fr. Braun asked me about composing a special Mass for priests to be performed on August 4, 2022 – the feast day of St. John Vianney. I gladly accepted to start working on this project and began sketching musical motives and themes in early 2022. The bulk of the composing work happened between May and July though, after school year activities and concerts came to a pause.

The structure of the Mass is based off the timeless tradition of classically inspired eponymous liturgical settings, with full mixed choir, soloist, and orchestral accompaniment. Many of the great composers wrote in this genre, from Bach to Haydn, Mozart, & Beethoven. Faith was an important aspect of the lives of these musicians, and several of them wrote multiple musical settings of the Mass prayers.

It is difficult to explain how such a piece of music comes together, but the words of the prayers themselves provide the inspiration for the original melodic material. Every word and phrase have a natural rhythm within them and unlocking that hidden music is the beginning of the process. Time is required for this to happen, and peace of mind for the fulness of this creation to unfold. Prayer and meditation are also required along the way so the spirit of the text can truly shine through with music.