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Gloria (from "Mass of Saints Peter & Paul") | Marc-André Bougie

A note from the composer:

"In October 2022, Fr. Justin S. Braun – pastor of Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Texarkana, TX – approached me about composing a new a cappella polyphonic Latin Mass setting to be performed on the Feast Day of Saints Peter & Paul on June 29, 2023. I began sketching themes for the piece at that time, but the bulk of the composition process happened in the spring of 2023. Writing such a large-scale work without any type of instrumental accompaniment provided quite the compositional challenge. The structure of the piece had to be conceived in such a way that the form and harmonic and melodic language would support the vocal challenge of singing in tune, with clarity of text, for extended periods of time.


The Gloria – featured in this edition – is in the contrasting key of G major, and much more rhythmically driven than the Kyrie. The form is that of a rondo (ABACA) whereas the opening theme of the movement reappears – albeit with different words – throughout the piece."