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6" Traditional African Djembe | Rope-Tuned

The djembe is one of West Africa's best known instruments. Traditionally, the various rhythms played on a djembe are only played at a certain time for a specific reason. For instance, djembe drumming could accompany the passage into adulthood or marriage. It was also played to honor specific groups of people or professions. The djembe has definitely settled into Western culture in the last century, and it holds a prominent place in much of modern pop music.

IQ Plus djembes are great tools for group music therapy such as self-improvement and team building. They are also excellent instruments for teachers to gather children in class or to accompany school dances. Young children will enjoy moving or dancing along while the djembe is being played or they can create many easy rhythmic patterns by themselves. Children can improve their hearing ability and learn to incorporate their own rhythms into a piece of music. The djembe is another excellent instrument for developing hand-eye coordination and time keeping. Playing with an IQ Plus djembe will allow children to express their energy through music or to create fun group music sessions.

• Constructed of environmentally friendly rubber wood

• Head made from natural hand selected goatskin

• An excellent instrument for developing hand-eye coordination and time keeping

• Variety of choices of size and color finishes