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Diction for Singers | A concise reference for English, Italian, Latin, German, French, and Spanish pronunciation | 2nd Edition | Joan Wall, Robert Caldwell, Sheila Allen, Tracy Gavilanes


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Diction for Singers | 2nd Edition | Joan Wall, Robert Caldwell, Sheila Allen, Tracy Gavilanes | Celumbra

ISBN: 9781934477700
Format: Softcover
An Essential Reference for Every Singer's Personal Library!

When Learning songs and arias in English, Italian, Latin, German, French, and Spanish, singers need a concise reference that will quickly guide them to the correct pronunciations. Diction for Singers is written specifically for this purpose. This useful text offers these key features for each language: 

Easy Navigation
Page through the book and instantly locate the required language, sound, or spelling. 

At-a-glance Charts
Look up common letter groups, such as qu in Italian, and immediately find the correct pronunciation. 

Concise Rules
Learn the rules that govern the pronunciation of words, written especially for singers. 

Clear Explanation of Letter Groups
Look up individual letter groups, such as the variations of the French e (eau, ei, eu, em, eim, en, ent) and instantly find pronunciations, exceptions, and examples as well as references to the general rules that pertain to the sound. 

A Special Orientation for Singers
Read the "Special Features" sections and helpful margin notes to find relevant tips, traditions, and advice about problems singing in the language. 

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