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I'm Thankful For... | Activity/Worksheet

I'm Thankful For... | Activity/Worksheet
  • Print as many copies as you need, but make sure to divide the number you need by two as there are two worksheets per page, so this will help you save paper/copies.
  • There are two different worksheets included in this. One is "I'm thank for..." and this can be your students writing what they're thankful for in life or what they're looking forward to over Thanksgiving break.
  • The second is "I'm thankful for you because..." I've included two different versions of this for you. One is signed "Your Student" incase you want them to write one to one (or more) of their teachers.
  • The second one is signed "Sincerely" in case you want to have them write it to their parents, guardians, family, friends, etc. I like to collect ones to family and mail it to their parents if their home addresses are on file. It surprised the parents and they LOVE it!
  • I pre-make one and read it to the kids so they can get to know me better and see what it is like to do one. You can even create an "I'm thankful for" bulletin board. Administration loves seeing things like this!
  • This lesson is great for cross-curricular teaching because you're having the kids write!
  • On this BONUS page, I have created an additional resource for you that has 8 mini "I'm thankful for..." pages. This will help you save copies as well.
  • I like to have students write these to each other the week before and/or after Thanksgiving break to have positivity running around the choir room.
  • Because there are 8 per page, it is easy to just print a lot out and have officers or student aides cut them out for you.
  • I put a stack of them on our bookshelf and students can take them as they want.
  • They are welcome to give them to their friends themselves, or I can deliver the messages to them