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Passport Stamp Activity 2.0 | Get to Know You

Welcome to my second edition of Passport Stamps Activity!

This is a great get-to-know-you activity! Students get to write a little about themselves and then travel around the world (classroom) to get to know their fellow classmates who have the same or similar interests as them.

Start by having each student complete the "Your Passport Stamp" side first. Make sure they write their own name on it. 

After each student has completed this, play some fun music through your classroom speakers and have them go mix and mingle until they can find someone who matches their info. They need to use the "Their Passport Stamp" side for this portion of the activity.When they find someone who matches, they need that person's signature in the corresponding box. Their friend's signature is their official stamp. With small classes, you can allow the same person to sign for 2-3, but with large classes, I suggest you only allow 1 person's signature per box. It helps them meet more people that way.