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Sight-Reading for Young Singers | Emily Crocker

Sight-Reading for Young Singers is a fun, easy collection of songs to help kids bridge the gap between singing by “ear” and reading notes. The lessons are easy to follow and present just one concept at a time, using audio, simplified notation and “do-re-mi” pitch syllables to guide learning. The full-length Showcase Solos will provide plenty of motivation, and the collection is ideal for kids to enjoy along with a teacher, parent, or friend.

Concepts presented: the beat; counting rhythm; music notes on the staff; keys of C, F, G Major; songs in minor; key signatures; more.

Showcase Solos: Best Day of My Life • Blackbird • Castle on a Cloud • Do-Re-Mi • Happiness • Let's Go Fly a Kite • Love Is an Open Door • My Favorite Things • What a Wonderful World • and more!