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Snap Cards 2

Description: Upper Voice Treble Clef

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Description: Lower Voice Treble Clef

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Description: Bass Clef

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Snap Cards 2 | More Sight Reading Skill Building Flashcards in a "Snap"!
by Theresa Pritchard

BriLee Music Publishing Company
Upper Voice Treble Clef: BLB019
Lower Voice Treble Clef: BLB020
Bass Clef: BLB021
Do you love Snap CardsAre your kids ready for an extra challenge?  Snap Cards 2 takes a step beyond Snap Cards by adding more challenging rhythms and intervals.  This set of flashcards was conceived from years of students repeatedly schooling their teachers on what intervals and rhythmic combinations are in fact the most challenging. On each card you'll find F major printed on one side, and G major on the other, increasing the value of this tool tremendously.  The Lower Voice Treble Clef Set features intervals indigenous to the lower voice sight reading skill set, grouped in ten groups of five, with each skill set building upon the previous skill set. Imagine a fun and interactive classroom tool that is logical, systematic, intuitive, and makes sight reading a snap!

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