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Work-Life Balance for Music Educators | Real Stories, Real Solutions | Paul Kimpton, Ann Kaczkowski Kimpton

What if today’s music educators could benefit from the wisdom and experience of a life lived in
the music education trenches:

How to create balance between teaching music and one’s personal life;

How to understand interconnections among all areas of a teacher’s life; and

How to deal with burnout and other stresses?

In this captivating book, authors Paul and Ann Kimpton challenge music educators to:

    • use reflective learning to solve problems both inside and outside the workplace;

    • develop a process for dealing with professional and personal issues;

    • understand that a feeling of restlessness is common and can be useful for one’s

    • growth;

    • learn how to enhance communication skills to solve issues at work and at home;

    • recognize that professional and personal lives intersect and can affect one another;

    • expand knowledge beyond one’s area of expertise; and

    • find ways to maintain or revitalize life both at home and at work.

Full of ideas for personal reflection and written in workbook form, Work-Life Balance for
Music Educators encourages teachers to reflect upon their own professional journey in order to
live a meaningful life, to consider what is truly important, and to set benchmarks for the future.
The stories threaded throughout this book will be familiar to all professionals, regardless
of their career choice, and will illuminate ways of adapting to a continuously evolving work
environment and changing personal relationships.

A music educator for thirty-three years, Paul Kimpton is the co-author of Scale Your Way to
Music AssessmentGrading for Musical ExcellenceCommon Core: Re-imagining the Music
Rehearsal and Classroom, and the Adventures with Music fiction series where the heroes are
young musicians, all published by GIA Publications, Inc.

Ann Kimpton is an educator who has played a variety of roles in schools, including assistant
principal for curriculum and instruction, literacy department chair, and reading and English teacher.