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Summer Beachball Rhythm Cutouts | Level 3

Level 3 - Summer Beachball Rhythm Cut Outs

  • Instructions are included on how I play this game
  • 40 different beachball rhythm cut outs
  • 4/4 and 3/4 time are included
  • Level 3 rhythms include: Quarter notes, quarter rests, half notes, half rests, dotted half notes, whole notes, whole rests, eighth notes, crab, seashell and oyster cut outs & ADDING dotted quarter notes & eighth rests. There is a " 3 " at the top of each beachball so you can keep each level separate if you need to. (3.1 = 4/4 time, 3.2 = 3/4 time)
  • Have your students draw cutouts from a plastic sand pail!